Year Round Junior Programming

We offer instruction for juniors ages 4 through 18. Players of all levels from beginners to recreational as well as competitive tournament players are encouraged to participate. We will design a unique training regimen to meet each student's specific needs.

Typical program element options may include:

  • Weekly group classes.
  • Private instruction.
  • In-house supervised match play.
  • Participation in the Willows Boys or Girls Team.
  • Summer and / or holiday vacation programs.
  • For our advanced students we offer additional services such as video analysis, tournament services, mental toughness / physical fitness training as well as college placement assistance.

We have a passion for the tangible improvement and growth for each of our students. The ultimate goal is to have fun while providing a solid foundation within a lifetime sport. It is our belief that an essential contributing factor in maintaining a student's excitement and motivation is continued improvement. All students (regardless of age, experience level or ambitions within the sport) will be placed on a uniform development track that will allow for the player to grow with the sport. We believe that this system will provide for a rewarding and fun experience, ultimately leading to a sound base, allowing for the rich enjoyment of a sport to be played for a lifetime.

Summer Holiday Programs

Quick Start Program

Younger players (ages 4-11) participate in our Quick Start program. This program allows the younger players to play like the pros with courts, balls and racquets designed specifically for them. A program highlight for our youngest participants is an on court visit from Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob. Participants will be placed in groups that are level and age appropriate for them.

Beginner / Intermediate Programs

Beginner / Intermediate players (ages 11 and up) are placed in a program where the focus is on having fun while developing sound tennis mechanics and skills that will last a lifetime.

Advanced Training Programs

More experienced players will be placed within our high performance program. This program is designed for advanced players seeking rigorous training. The intent is to prepare players to be successful within a competitive tournament environment. Along with a tremendous tennis experience, players will partake in numerous off court activities, taking full advantage of their staff's expertise. Typical highlights include video analysis, match play charting mental toughness training from certified instructor, and tournament scheduling services.